Booking St Mary's Handbridge Centre

St Mary's Handbridge Centre is open for hire and use

Coffee Bar

Price Hall & Davies Room

Williams Room

Mollie Golder Room

The following information will be helpful for potential hirers :
Price Hall                          Seating in rows for 100
Davies Room                    Seating in rows for 50
The Price Hall & Davies Room can be combined (folding doors) to seat up to150
Williams Room                 Seating for 40
Mollie Golder Room         Seating for 10 - 12
Evans Room                    Seating for 4 - 6

The Price Hall, Davies Room and Williams Room have integral Audio and Projection equipment.

To book a room or for further information, please fill in the following form:


Email address:

Contact telephone number:

Dates/frequency of the hire:

Start time:

End time:

(please include any set-up and clean-up time in the time of the hire)
Preferred Room:

Number of attendees:

Purpose/description of hiring:


* - the kitchen can only be hired in conjunction with hire of the Price Hall, subject to presentation of appropriate food hygiene certificates

Or contact 

Tel: 01244 671202




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