St Mary's Handbridge Centre

St Mary's Handbridge Centre - Update February 2017


What has been achieved so far?

Planning permission for the new Centre was granted in September 2016.

Technical development has gone well and the plans are to go out soon to Tender.

If the full amount of money becomes available, the intention is to start building this summer and for completion by the end of 2017. Arrangements will be made for the current users of the hall to be relocated at other venues during the building period.

The cost of building is estimated at £1.6 million and so far £1.1 million has been raised. Money has come from grants, generous donations and fundraising by the church congregation and the Handbridge community.

To raise the outstanding £500,000 fundraising continues.

We are very grateful to all the individuals and groups who have already raised money for the new Centre through the events and activities that have been organised.

We are constantly exploring other sources of funding and our local MP, Chris Matheson, continues to seek funds from industry and other outside sources.

A firm decision to proceed with building must be made in March. We can delay the building programme but, as time goes on, costs will inevitably increase.

The Gift Aiding of donations makes a huge difference because it adds 25% to the amount given. If you have already made a donation, it is not too late to Gift Aid your money, provided that you are a tax payer. Please contact Helen Brophy for details about Gift Aid (01244 629111 ).

For example, a donation of £4,000, Gift Aided, would add another £1,000 to the amount given. If just 100 people donated the same amount, all the money would be raised.

Raising the additional money is a real challenge. If all the funds required are raised, the whole community will benefit from a wonderful new Centre for many years to come.

If you need further information about the Centre or wish to make a donation, please contact Ted Graham on 01244 679636 or email:
                                       Gift Aid Declaration
Parochial Church Council of St Mary Without-the-Walls, Chester.
St Mary’s PCC Handbridge Centre Account
If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible to Gift Aid your donation, please complete the form below.  This will increase your gift by 25p for every £1 given (at current rate), at no extra cost to you or us.
Please treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying gifts of money made from the date of this declaration. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference. 
Title ___________Full Name: _______________________________________
Address (including postcode):
_____________________________________ Postcode: _______________ 
Signature: ________________________ Date: _______________________  
Please return this form to:
C/O St Mary’s Handbridge Centre
The Parish Office
St Mary’s With-out-the Walls
Overleigh road
( Tel: 01244 676865)
St Mary Without-the-Walls PCC, Chester, is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No 1132533. 



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