Originally baptism was an act of Christian initiation undertaken only by adults. In time Christian parents asked that their children also be made members of the Church, hence the service in which children are baptised, and at which their parents and godparents make the decision on their behalf. In time the young person reaches an age when they are able to make this decision for themselves, and they come for Confirmation.

Baptism is a serious commitment and a family celebration. It is something to think about seriously as bringing small children to church on a regular basis is not an easy undertaking. It takes time, determination and commitment. Baptisms are arranged by first of all ringing our Parish Office, the details are in the Contacts section. We have a team of baptism visitors who will call on local families to help with the arrangements and to welcome you to St Mary’s.

Every autumn the baptism team arrange a special Baptism Tea Party to which we invite all those baptised over the past couple of years. Parents and children take part in story telling, usually either Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale, or Daniel in the Lion’s Den. (Sometimes we have a boat in church, but never real live lions!)