Tuesday 25 October 2022



The story so far…

Handbridge WI responded to a request from The Countess of Chester Maternity Unit to knit hats for new born babies. They produced over 120 hats.

The nursing staff were delighted and asked if jackets for premature babies could also be knitted.

The challenge was accepted!

We sourced wool from the congregation, providing a small basket for donations, it very quickly became clear we needed a bigger basket!

Charity shops donated wool cheaply.

A table was set up in the Centre to receive both donations of wool and finished garments. Patterns were provided and a brief explanation of the project.

It then went viral’.

We received jackets and jackets sets from so many kind-hearted knitters in the community who had heard of the project from a variety of sources.

On 23rd October the Neonatal Unit were overjoyed to receive 74 hats,  71 jackets/sets, and 4 blankets

They asked that we extend their heart-felt thank to all for the obvious love and care that had gone into the production of the items.

There were many Oohs and Aahs!

(Any surplus items will go to Arrowe Park)


Helen, Veronica and Mavis about to deliver the knitted items to the Countess of Chester Hospital.

We have been asked to continue knitting, this time prioritising blankets. Could you knit a blanket for the neonatal unit or donate wool for others to use?

Ideally, blankets should be 36" x 36". Alternatively, they can be made by sowing nine 12" squares together 


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