Wednesday 14 April 2021



April Magazine: Handbridge in the Round

Just a gentle reminder that the Handbridge in the Round activity in the April edition of St Mary's Church magazine is still live..... and there are still some copies of the magazine in a few locations (demand has been higher than usual this month) around Handbridge.  

Two of the pebbles, decorated by local artist Sarah Corfe, have grown legs and only 8 actual pebbles remain in place... the main missing one is pebble No 3 which was in Edgar's Field and pebble No 5 has the card index remaining in place.  

We plan collecting them all during the week of 19th April, so if you have yet to take part make sure you collect a copy of the magazine this week and always remember, those boots/shoes are made for walking, not storing!!!  

Looking to be a perfect weekend for a walk around the village.

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