Sunday 2 February 2020


Youth Group Giving Appeal Christmas 2019

Youth Group would like to say thank you very much indeed to everyone who gave towards their Christmas Card Tree Appeal for Christian Aid this year.  You helped us raise an amazing £702.61.  Christian Aid will also be able to claim a further £125.00 from the money which was Gift-Aided bringing St Mary’s contribution this Christmas to £827.61.  We’re so thankful for the donations you have made.

With the money we have bought:

A child-friendly space in a refugee camp (£93.00) for children who lost their homes in conflict and to help give people our age a place where they can be safe to learn and play and be themselves.

Another mobile health clinic (£115.00) like last year to help women and babies in remote parts of Kenya, through local partners including the Transmara Rural Development Programme there.

Another cow (£187.00) to help a family become self-sufficient, contribute to the local economy and give women, who look after the animals, a voice.

With the remaining money, we chose 5 turkeys, 2 pairs of chickens and 2 nanny goats to generate income and food; 2 water pumps for safe water in emergency situations, 2 emergency disaster kits and vital antibiotics; and some fruit tree saplings and seeds to help floodproof land in Bangladesh and provide fruit for people to sell.  Finally, our money will help send 4 children to school in Kenya.

You’ve really helped change people’s lives.  Thank you!

St Mary’s Youth Group

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