Friday 14 February 2020



Since the Centre opened in June 2018, it has proved to be a great success, being used by an increasingly wide range of organisations in the community.

Until now a team of volunteers has been used to help the day-to-day management of the activities and events taking place in the Centre. The parish has been grateful to these volunteers for their support and the dedication they have shown in making the Centre a success. However, although the help of the volunteers is much appreciated, in the long-term, it is not an ideal situation.

We are delighted to announce that the Centre has now secured a Reaching Communities grant of £98,408 to fund up to three part-time staff to manage the Centre for the next four years. 

At the end of the four-year period St Mary's expects the Centre to be self-funding to enable staff to be employed in the future.

Volunteers will still be needed, and very much appreciated, in the short/medium term, particularly at times when the demand for the Centre is high.

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