Sunday 5 May 2019

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

There was a very good attendance in St Mary's Handbridge Centre on Sunday 28th April for St Mary's APCM. 

Helen Brophy and Ted Graham were re-elected as Churchwardens for a further year.

Ted Graham gave an update on the finances of the Handbridge Centre, with the prediction that annual income generated by the bookings will cover all running costs and payments from the loan. The final retention payment of £31,000 to the building contractor will be paid in June 2019. The Centre is now being used by a wide range of organisations and whilst in the short term the locking and unlocking is being undertaken by volunteers, when additional income is generated, additional staff will be employed.  

After many years serving on the Parochial Church Council, both Chris Schofield and Stuart Bull have stood down. Peter Collins, John Scott and John Parkin were re-elected to PCC, and the Council welcomed a new member, David Gilbert. 

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