Thursday 8 October 2015

Harvest Festival with collection for the foodbank


St Mary’s was full on Sunday 4th October for Harvest Festival, supported by the uniformed organisations, and children from Overleigh St Mary’s C of E Primary School, all of whom played their part in readings, prayers, and a very moving signed singing of “What a Wonderful World”.


The reading was from Matthew’s Gospel about the landowner who hired labourers for his vineyard, each of whom was paid the same daily rate, irrespective of when they commenced work. The Rector illustrated this with the Great Bubble competition, with each participant receiving the same prize, irrespective of the number of bubbles blown.


Earlier in the week Overleigh St Mary’s C of E Primary School had held their own Harvest Festival and children brought non perishable food for the West Cheshire foodbank.

The magnificent total of 192 kilos of food was donated by the school children, and which was collected by the foodbank van.

Foodbank 1Foodbank 5Foodbank 2Foodbank 3

The combined weight of the donations to foodbank from the Church and the School was 317 kilos.

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