Tuesday, 22 January 2013

St Mary’s Piñata


Maria Fook, who comes from Mexico, made a piñata for members of Youth Group and Sunday Club for their last meeting before Christmas. The piñata is a papier-mâché   star filled with sweets. The piñata and its 7 points represent the devil and the 7 deadly sins.

In Mexico children go to different houses in the days before Christmas. At each house a piñata is hung by a rope from a tree branch or from the ceiling.

The children are usually blindfolded (to symbolize faith) and are given a stick with which to "beat" the devil (the piñata) and release the blessings. Sometimes, the blindfolded child is spun around several times to disorient him or her even further. The adults and other children call out instructions, often misleading or completely wrong, to the child who is trying to break the piñata.

At the end everyone helps to tidy up and eat the sweets!!

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