Wednesday, 13 May 2015



The Meetings for the Election of Churchwardens, and the APCM, were held on 26th April.

Helen Brophy and Ted Graham were elected as Churchwardens for the coming year. Ted has taken over from Alison McLellan who has retired after 6 hard-working years in the role.

Peter Collins, the Chairman of the Trustees of the Parochial Charities reported that the income for the year ended 30th April 2014 was £5,203, an increase of £345 compared with the previous year. Charitable grants totalling £5,200 were made to the St. Mary’s Lunch Club, the West Cheshire Food Bank, the Chester Samaritans, St. Mary’s Overleigh School Pastoral Fund, the Friends of Mulberry, DIAL House, Age UK (Chester) and a range of smaller local discretionary grants.

Chris Schofield, our Treasurer, reported that whilst income on the General Fund increased by £11,681, this was principally due to receiving an unexpected legacy of £10,000. Expenditure for the year increased by £17,769, the single most significant increase being in repair and maintenance due to the costs incurred on the tower and electrical rewiring within the Church. The total cost for repair and maintenance was £27,372 (after claiming back eligible VAT), an increase of £16,558 over 2013. Overall there was a deficit of £4,787 in the accounts.

Peter Dove, Mark Keen, Alison McLellan and Alan Park were re-elected to the Parochial Church Council. In addition to accepting the Annual Report and the Accounts, the meeting also received a number of reports including those on Deanery Synod, Parish Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Magazine, Luncheon Club, Youth Group, and Sunday Club.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015



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Palm Sunday 29th March

8.00am Holy Communion

9.30am Storytelling Service

10.30am Parish Communion with Procession of Palms

Monday 30th March

7.30pm Holy Communion with Address

Tuesday 31st March

7.30pm Holy Communion with Address

Wednesday 1st April 

7.30pm Holy Communion with Address

Maundy Thursday 2nd April

7.30pm Maundy Thursday Service with Address

Good Friday 3rd April

9.00am Litany

2.00pm Hour at the Cross (beginning at St Andrew’s URC)

Easter Day 5th April

6.30am Easter morning service at The Groves (organised by City Centre Churches)

8.00am Holy Communion

9.30am Storytelling Service

10.30am Parish Communion

6.30pm Evensong

Wednesday, 11 February 2015



Handbridge Centre

A development committee, set up by the Church Council in 2013, has been working on the concept of a new centre to meet the needs of the Church and the local community with the aim of building in 2016. The new centre will consist of a large hall, two community rooms, a medical consultation room for the adjacent surgery and a cafe social area.

The proposed plans have been on display in the Church since November. The feedback from this has provided many useful suggestions and these have been much appreciated by the committee. Chester West and Chester Council are very supportive of the development.

The latest cost estimate is £1.5 million. Raising this amount will be an enormous challenge, but a funding plan is already in place to raise the money required. During the first quarter of 2015, several major donors and public bodies will be approached. A ‘Pledge Campaign’ has been launched and details of this can be obtained from the contact below. Any money donated can also be Gift Aided.

For further details contact Ted Graham 01244 679636 or email