Sunday, 1 April 2018


Do please join us for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting to hear what is happening at St. Mary’s, including an update on the new Parish Centre.

Coffee will be served in Church after the 10.30am Parish Communion, prior to the meeting.

A personal copy of the Rector's Annual Report for each person on the Electoral Roll is now available at the back of Church.

Papers for the APCM will be e-mailed out in early April and will be available in hard copy on Sundays 8th and 15th April .

Monday, 19 March 2018


Palm Sunday               25/03/2018           8.00am       Holy Communion

                                                                   9.30am       Storytelling Service

                                                                 10.30am       Parish Communion with Procession of Palms.
                                                                                      Youth Group will lead Passion Narrative

                                                                  6.30pm       Evensong
 Monday                         26/03/2018          7.30pm       Holy Communion with Address

Tuesday                        27/03/2018          7.30pm       Holy Communion with Address
Wednesday                   28/03/2018          7.30pm       Holy Communion with Address

Maundy Thursday         29/03/2018           7.30pm       Maundy Thursday Service with Address

Good Friday                 30/03/2018        10.00am       Litany, Morning Prayer and Ante-                                                                                     Communion
                                                                  2.00pm       Tenebrae Service

Easter Day                    01/04/2018          8.00am       Holy Communion

                                                                 10.30am       Parish Communion

                                                                   6.30pm       Evening Prayer





Friday, 9 March 2018

Messy Church : Mount Sinai comes to St Mary's!

At Messy Church on 8th February, Laura told the story of Moses leading the people through the desert and the giving of the Ten Commandments.
Mount Sinai was constructed from large cardboard boxes - these provided a great opportunity for members of our Messy Church community to deconstruct. 

Rumours abound that on a future occasion Mount Sinai may be reassembled to make the walls of Jericho!

A visitor from Overleigh St Mary's CofE Primary School also joined in the fun.


Monday, 26 February 2018

Beetle Drive - a lot of concentration needed!

The Beetle Drive was held on 16th February at the Westminster Park Community Association Hall.

At half time the players enjoyed a Ploughman's Supper
The evening raised £159.07 towards St Mary's Handbridge Centre