Wednesday, 11 February 2015



Handbridge Centre

A development committee, set up by the Church Council in 2013, has been working on the concept of a new centre to meet the needs of the Church and the local community with the aim of building in 2016. The new centre will consist of a large hall, two community rooms, a medical consultation room for the adjacent surgery and a cafe social area.

The proposed plans have been on display in the Church since November. The feedback from this has provided many useful suggestions and these have been much appreciated by the committee. Chester West and Chester Council are very supportive of the development.

The latest cost estimate is £1.5 million. Raising this amount will be an enormous challenge, but a funding plan is already in place to raise the money required. During the first quarter of 2015, several major donors and public bodies will be approached. A ‘Pledge Campaign’ has been launched and details of this can be obtained from the contact below. Any money donated can also be Gift Aided.

For further details contact Ted Graham 01244 679636 or email

Thursday, 5 February 2015





The next Messy Church Service will be on Sunday 8th February at 3pm. All are welcome to come along. Do join us for worship and craft activities, followed by tea.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Youth Group Christmas Appeal for Christian Aid

During Advent and Christmastide, St Mary’s Youth Group once again raised money for Christian Aid’s Present Aid Scheme. Parishioners were asked to save the money they would have spent giving Christmas cards to one another, and to give the money towards Present Aid instead. The sum raised was £632.82 and the Youth Group elected for the money to be spent as follows:
5 Chickens; Jerry cans for 30 families; Sand Dam (Zimbabwe);  
Basic household pumping well; Biogas tank (Save a tropical forest);
Energy-saving stove; Hygiene kit for Iraqi refugee; 3 Mobile doctors (Palestine);
Mobile health clinic (Kenya).